If you are happy to proceed, a start date and timeline for the project will be agreed and it will be booked in. Work will then commence at the scheduled time and will be completed in the agreed time frame. You will also be given a list of approved suppliers where you can go to look at flooring, interior doors, tiles etc. At Arkwood we have our own separate Kitchen and interior fit out company, Arkwood Interiors Limited that was set up in 2005. This allows us to give our clients with busy life-styles the option of an additional  full bespoke service where we can take care of all the running around and help you make all the decisions on kitchen design, flooring, appliances, furniture etc. In the comfort of your home, we are happy to bring most of the samples to you, coordinating everything.

Visit Current Projects

If you are interested in going ahead with the project but are having trouble visualising how it will look on completion, you will be given a project to visit usually within 5 or 6 kms of your home. This will also give you a chance to talk to the client and get a reference on Arkwood’s high standard of service. If you require it, you will be given a second project to look at. Because Arkwood are in business for nearly 25 years and have done over 500 projects all over Dublin, we can usually give you a project to look at in your area similar in style to the proposed project for your home.

Get in Touch

After you have filled out the contact form, we contact you for a brief chat and to arrange a consultation.

Home Call

Arkwood’s designer will call to your home where they will survey your home and have a chat about what you are hoping to achieve and your requirements. They will advise you on how to make the best use of the space available to combine the rear of your existing house and the new extension to create a bright and spacious, open, light filled area. They will also note down other or additional works that you may require in conjunction with your extension. This will all be included in your quotation.

Additional Visit

The Arkwood designer will come to your home and show you a mock-up drawing of the proposed kitchen or sunroom extension and deliver a detailed quotation. They will also explain the timeframe of the project and which order work will be carried out. It will be explained how it will effect and how Arkwood try to minimise the disruption to the household by setting up a temporary kitchen and providing electricity and heating to make the whole process more manageable. They will also point out the decisions you will have to make as the project progresses and when you will have to make them as the project takes shape which will make it easier for you to visualise the final outcome. A payment schedule will also be detailed at this time where it will be outlined how you pay in stages as the project progresses. The final payment is only made when the project is completely finished to the clients’ satisfaction and Arkwood’s high standards.

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