Arkwood Construction Kitchen Sunroom Extension

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Arkwood Construction Kitchen Sunroom Extension

We find that creating a multi functional space at the rear of the house with usually  3 or 4 main themes to it is the foundation to any home refurbishment.

1/Areas – Kitchen with an island with the sink ate hob at the island so one can work looking out to the garden. There would normally be 2 are 3 stools at the island.

2/A formal table and chairs that seat 6-8 people but for every day use.

3/A L shaped couch type area with TV and footstools are coffee table.

4/A Utility with adversely machines maybe an extra freezer and loads of storage for Coats/sports gear/shoes /bags/etc to help declutter the house.

Even though the weather in Ireland only lets us dit out in our gardens 3-4 months a year a nice garden albeit some times small is still very pleasant to look at all year round and so its important to have loads of glass generally at the rear of this area both to bring light in and open the house to the garden-helping to bring the outside in.

We strive at Arkwood to try and create a flow with floor-patio-lawn so that when the weather is nice and the big glass doors are open there is a seamless flow between inside and outside letting them almost become one and when it’s not so pleasant you can still enjoy the tranquel view of your garden from the warmth of your well insulated bright home.

This area becomes a bright Multi functional space where people can be doing different tasks but in the same area cooking /studying etc and done correctly can really change and enhance how a family lives and interacts together.

For a family with children, it is our experience that there is a strong demand for a living room separate to this area where the children can entertain their friends so it’s important for families with young children to think ahead to this stage to some what -future -proof their home.

We believe that for most but not all home refurbishment the planning should start in this area of the house with this space and work its way forward back true the house. Having some of this area built in single storey also helps get out from under the 2 storey house roof allowing the use of higher ceiling heights creating a feeling of space and roof lights to allow more natural light which we are drawn to some times sub continuously.

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