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Complete Home Refurbishment 3

Insulation is very important when considering a home refurbishment and wall and roof  insulation are very important and much talked about but floor insulation is also very important and less talked about.-if your feet are cold your whole body is cold.

The majority of houses built in Ireland until the mid to late 1980s had timber floors with large cavities underneath to let air in for ventilation this is a disaster from a heating point of view. So if a property is being refurbed taking these floors out pouring new concrete floors with rigid high density insulation would something we at Arkwood would generally strongly recommend it’s also sometimes an opportunity to drop the house floor levels at the rear of the house where a house floor is to high above the rear garden leaving the house disjointed from the garden and making it difficult to create the flow we talked about earlier of floor-patio -lawn without a load of steps are a patio that is to high and can feel more like a balcony are a stage where you are in view of all your neighbors. A small added bonus of dropping the floor height is that it also gives a higher. ceiling height in the house also.

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