1 – Is Planning Permission required?

Planning is not a requirement for more than 90% of our kitchen extension projects, provided that they meet a certain criteria that Arkwood will check if or  when our design team makes a site visit. Our projects are always revised by an engineer to avoid any structural mistakes.

As longs as the proposed project meet certain criteria Arkwood includes a certificate of compliance issued by its engineer, which would state that the building is exempt from planning permission and meets current building regulations, and if the client ever wishes to sell the property the referred certificate covers this.

2 – Will there be much disruption to the house?

At Arkwood we have over 25 years of experience working on people’s homes, as opposed to working on sites, in this time we developed a system to make the project and the process run as smoothly as possible. Including setting up a temporary kitchen with wash machine, dryer and dishwasher in the front part of the house. Placing construction fencing with dust sheeting around the front  garden , driveway and sometimes in the back wall in the neighbour. In the case of cobblelock driveway we always cover for protection with plywood and polythene for the duration of the works. If the boiler needs to be removed, electric radiators would be provided and insulated partitions would be added to maintain the hit on the house. 

3 – How long will my house extension project take?

It will generally take around 12-13 weeks, with the main front part of the house only disrupted for the last 4 weeks. Excluding the temporary kitchen that will be placed in this area. At Arkwood we like to underpromise and overdeliver, it’s not of anyone interest to let a project drag on.  We always attack the heavy work in a matter of 2-4  weeks, as this is a stage that time can be made, because in the finishing process time needs to be taken. In the latter weeks the pleasant experience of choosing painting colors, kitchen  and so on, helps to take the clients mind of the dust as the project takes shape and gets fitted out.

4 – Will a house extension add the most value to my house?

As a rule of thumb a kitchen extension will probably add 70% of the total investment to the value of a property. IE if a project worth 120.000 is added, it will probably add about 85.000 to the value of the property in the short to medium term (1-5 years), possibly more in the long-term, depending on the housing market. Generally one room sells a house, we like to think that an arkwood extension is generally that room.

5 – How can I get a quote?

You can request a quote in this link: www.arkwood.ie/contact and our design team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

A member of our design team will phone you for a discussion of the project and approximated costs, will also help if you had browsed in our website and gallery for inspirations, as you will be better informed.

If you are interested we will then make a time for our design team to call to your property to survey and discuss the options to maximize the potential of your property and what your requirements are based on this meeting we well make than a second visit with a detailed quote and the 3D drawing of the proposed works. In the meantime we will arrange a visit with one of our previous clients, with a similar project and house, usually within 15 minutes from your home, that usually helps you to visualize your proposed project. 

6 – Is there the possibility of my house extension project to run over budget and schedule?

Generally at Arkwood we finish the project within the schedule or very close to it, and often ahead of schedule, because we are specialized in the extension we have a good system and team and every knows what they have to do. Unless is a overrun added by the client in the middle of the project. 

As regards budget Arkwood quotes are very detailed, that means it’s very clear what is in and whats it not and it’s only if the client adds in work, for certain items like kitchens we usually put in PC-sums, but they are generous and realistic, so even if the client decides to choose a really high spec they would 95% covered in most cases. Because we make the PC-sums according to the expectations and the models proposed beforehand in previous meetings. 

At Arkwood we have a strictly policy when quoting a job, that means simply that our a re very specific and accurate. with very realistic PC-sums  

7 – What is the quality of the materials used?

At arkwood we only use the very best of materials we have account with some the country leading building suppliers and manufacturers, like cement roadstone, VElux, munsterjoinery, kingspan, murdocks and etc. We only use the leading materials that are fully certified we always try to find the best materials we can 

8 – What is Arkwood’s experience with complete house renovation, sunroom/kitchen extensions?

Arkwood is based in Terenure South Dublin and has consistently grown and established a reputation as an experienced, customer focused, reliable and trustworthy construction company, providing a top quality service and renowned quality finish. Approximately 90% of our business comes on recommendations and we are able to provide you with references and projects to view from our extensive portfolio.

Arkwood prides itself on a large customer base with almost 500 projects completed over the last 25 years in the greater Dublin area and surrounding counties including Kildare, Meath, Wexford and Wicklow. It has become quite common over the years for Arkwood to work with the same clients 2 or 3 times as their lifestyle needs change and they move home or decide to update their previous project or make further improvements to their home.

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