How to Decide if A Sunroom is Right for Your Home

You love your home, you have great neighbours and all you need is on your doorstep.  It’s the perfect location but there is still something missing.  Are you yearning for a space in your home that everybody wants to hang out in, including you?  Perhaps a sunroom might be what you are looking for.

Bright and Warm

Every home needs a sunny space where you can enjoy a cuppa in warmth and comfort and a sunroom can provide that.  Somewhere to relax and listen to music or watch a movie.  A conservatory can be too cold in winter and then too hot in summer and its use can be limited to about half the year.  A sunroom will have an insulated roof yet will let extra light in from large glass panels, doors and windows.

Family Space

As your teenagers grow, they tend to disappear up to their rooms and you can miss those family moments when you find out about their day.  A sunroom will provide a space where several activities may be going on at once.  Somebody cooking, another person doing homework at the table and somebody else on their tablet lazing on the sofa.  A space where family can be together in their own space.

Additional Living Area

A sunroom is not only an additional living area, it gives natural access to the outside space and allows nature and light into the home.  It will open to the garden on sunny days and allow a clear view of the garden that brightens spirits even on those winter days.  The addition of skylights and strategically placed lights set into the ceiling all help to brighten.

Revamp your Kitchen

We all want to be able to enjoy our home.  An extra room is not always for growing families, it can be for those now spending more time at home after retirement.  Many people love where they live but due to poor design of the original home would like somewhere nicer to relax and sit during the day or evening.   A sunroom can be the home improvement answer you were looking for.

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