Sunrooms, Home Extensions & More – Choosing The Right Materials


It is important that your Builder is using reputable materials and not taking short cuts.  Generally,a builder who is using cheap materials will also be using cheap & shabby labour.

Items to look out for:

Roof Windows

At Arkwood we use only Velux Roof Windows for our sunrooms, conservatories and other builds. Velux are the leaders in roof window technology and having used them for the past 20 years, we know that they just don’t give any trouble. They also look attractive and the glass can provide a high u-value, reducing heat loss.

Insulation – Very Important

At Arkwood, we use Kingspan rigid insulation in the roof, floor and ceiling.  It i important that fibreglass is not used in your sunroom roof as it would only give approximately one quarter of the insulation of Kingspan Thermal Pitch.  It is also important to check that the rigid roof insulation is TP (Thermal Pitch) and not TF (Thermal Floor) as this is cheaper and looks the same but is for the floor and nowhere near as good.


Arkwood only uses Roadstone Concrete in all floor foundations and paths which are mixed in the plant by computer.  Beware of builders using random labourers to mix concrete on site using a bag of cement and a shovel.

Windows & Doors

It is a major feature of a sunroom  or rear extension to have windows that are either running to the ground or on low walls, if this is the case it is important that the windows have toughened glass so if a child ran into them they would bounce off them.  Building regulations state that Glass that is a metre or less off the ground should be toughened.  It is also important that the glass used is Gas filled K Glass giving good insulation & protection from the sun.


You should be satisfied that your builder’s plumbing & electrical contractor is competent and has all the relevant certs because after all, they will be interfering with the complete electrical, plumbing & heating system in your house.

The Electrical contractor should have the following Certs;


The Heating contractor should have the following Certs;

  • SEAI & RGI (Registered Gas Installer)

It is vital that the heating requirements for your new extension are measured correctly & adequately sized radiators and if necessary a new adequately sized Boiler is installed.  The boiler should be high efficiency & condenser to heat hot water also.


All timber should be stamped, approved & pressure treated.

Sewerage Fittings

It is important that your contractor is using Wavin or similar sewerage fittings and not some of the cheaper No-Name brands on the market which can result in AJ’s etc. giving trouble.

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