Sunrooms – The Differences Between A Quality Sunroom And A Cheap Sunroom

The main points of difference between a Quality Built Sunroom and a cheap one are;- Windows resting on the roof with no masonry between roof & top of windows.  This means there is a very light roof on the sunroom usually a type of tiling cladding, the cavity in this roof is not adequate for … Read more Sunrooms – The Differences Between A Quality Sunroom And A Cheap Sunroom

What Level of Service Can Arkwood Construction Provide?

Arkwood Construction can build & manage the complete project or just build the shell for the client to fit out the project for themselves. Our range of services whilst we are on site building your extension include the following if required: Upgrading the heating system Re-wiring Painting & decorating Tiling Internal alterations carried out range … Read more What Level of Service Can Arkwood Construction Provide?

Home Extensions and Sunrooms – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average completion time? A standard sunroom / kitchen extension takes 5 – 8 weeks depending on how much additional work there is to be done in the house. There would be very little disruption to the house for the first 3 ½ to 4 weeks except where we need to put some … Read more Home Extensions and Sunrooms – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Involved in Building a Sunroom or Kitchen Extension?


At Arkwood we have specialised in working closely alongside our Clients to design & build sunrooms & kitchen extensions to meet their changing lifestyle.

It is our experience that a lot of people are not just looking for more space but a quality light filled space that will change how they live and interact with each other in the home.

A sunroom / kitchen extension generally is built to the rear of the house & the back wall of the house is taken out and supported by Structural Steel to open the existing kitchen and or the dining area into a light filled room with raised ceiling containing large Velux roof windows and a glass wall to the rear opening out onto a patio area via sliding doors that run level with the extension floor to let inside & outside flow into each other.

The room could have three themes as follows;

A kitchen with floor to ceiling units and a large island with possibly the sink & hob in the island & a couple of stools at one end.  This area is generally under the house roof, the 2nd area would be large enough to house a dining table & chairs and the 3rd area could accommodate a large possibly  L-shaped couch facing a wall mounted TV.  This creates a large family room with different themes & functions that can be performed at the same time and also brings the garden into the house.

Building a sun room or kitchen extension can also be an opportunity to improve the insulation in your home considerably.

The following insulation would normally be fitted in a sun room – 125 mm rigid Kingspan in between the roof rafters with a 52 mm Kingspan backed slab in the ceiling, a total insulation thickness of 177mm which would equate to approximately 500mm of fibreglass.  The walls would have 102mm Kingspan slabs 12 of slab + 90 of insulation with the old method of placing insulation between battens now gone the slabs would be fixed with steel fixings to the external walls. Cold bridging is eradicated.  A 28mm or 32mm slab is also used on all window & door returns.  The floor would have 100mm Kingspan TF thermal floor insulation placed under 150mm concrete slab.  The 102mm insulated slab would normally be also placed on the kitchen external wall (to side passage) leaving only a very small section of the external wall area.  Downstairs in a semi detached house without modern insulation & all these items combined have a massive impact on the temperature of the house and its ability to hold the temperature for 2-3 hours after the heating is turned off even in the coldest months.

The latest in uPVC or Hardwood windows with Argon Gas filled double or triple glazing also has a huge impact on reducing heat loss.

Other Works Carried Out when Constructing a Sun Room / Kitchen;

It is quite usual to build a utility or W.C. if the space is available in addition to the other works.   Small details like placing a radiator in the W.C. is vital otherwise people would not use it.

It is also an opportunity to raise, cap & plaster the garden walls to improve the look in your new garden/patio area and improve privacy and it also give some uniformity.  The garden walls normally require 2 coats of sand & cement to prevent the block joints from showing through when the weather is wet.

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